SongbookXP/SongXP, is an auto-arranger for lyrics and chords, a system for music/song creation, song sketching, song preliminary production, karaoke and entertainment.

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Copyright, artistic rights and intelectual property are serious things. Songs stored in SongXP medias are personal arrangements of songs that may or may not be protected by law. Those arrangements by themselves, are not protected by any kind of legal rights. Our users and partners are advised that in case of authoral rights infringement or even a request by the author of a song to remove it from our medias will be promptly attended with no complaint by the part (SongXP user/partner) that created the arrangement, as long as that entity (person or company) can prove he/she/it is the author and/or owner, or have the legal rights over the song.

Song arrangements can be saved in SongbookXP database as private for users or group of users - I agree that all private song arrangements will be disclosed to the authorities if and when requested without any complaints on my side.