SongbookXP/SongXP, is an auto-arranger for lyrics and chords, a system for music/song creation, song sketching, song preliminary production, karaoke and entertainment.

SongXP - How It Works

Simple and intuitive

Song worksheet - SongXP was created to be uncomplicated and obvious, requiring the minimum of information possible to produce results - just enter the lyrics, chords and beats into the Input screen (song worksheet), click the buttons "Render" then "Play", and SongXP will create the song arrangement (using its default style) and audio files, allowing you to immediatlye play the karaoke.

Chord designs - SongXP is not restricted to any chord modeling or symbol standards, and although it follows international rules to write chord notations, SongXP accepts any kind or quality of chords. Write your chord notation the way you play it and we do what is necessary to interpret it. And if you find any issue, let us know and we will improve our algorithm to provide the most precise interpretation possible.

Extensive and powerful

Cell settings - SongXP has a large number of options that allows you to 'refine' and improve your song. You can shape chords, bars, styles, grooves and every detail down to the beat. You can also configure and customize your song or each of its cells, controlling speed (BPM), time signature (yes - you can do that per bar!), effects (volume, pan, chorus, reverb), etc - and much more. SongXP gives you total control over every aspect of your song, so you can pre-produce and beautify it the way you want.

Test-drive screen - Each of SongXP styles has a bunch of grooves in various 'movements' (intro, chorus, fill-in, break and ending), played by different instruments, on which can, for example, mute channels/instruments. And if you don't find that style or groove you wanted, then go to MidiXP and create your own styles and grooves - you will be amazed by how easy it is to do that. You can even make some money with your musical work with other users in SongbookXP's community. With SongXP/MidiXP you will do things only possible in some of our expensive competitors.

System requirements

SongXP is a web application, so it uses your internet browser as its engine. And this is all you need.

SongXP can run virtually in any platform and any device. The application has been extensively tested in browsers like Chrome, IE9+, Firefox and Safari, operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android and iOS and several devices like desktops, tablets and phones, in both screen orientations (landscape and portrait).

Some browser features used, for instance, give the users the ability keep information locally (not submitting it to our servers or posting it to the community over the internet), or to use the application in 'offline mode' (when there is no internet connection available), or to save songs locally (so songs will NOT be available to any other user, and it will only show in that specific device/browser - however you can export it to other environments). However due to some "browser dependency", some SongXP features may not be available in all browsers.

You got the point - our goal is to give you an easy and reliable application, so if you find any issues, please contact our support team (or post your comments in our Forum) - we are eager to hear from you and to fix all issues and bugs in order to provide you the most enjoyable experience. Thank you.