SongbookXP/SongXP, is an auto-arranger for lyrics and chords, a system for music/song creation, song sketching, song preliminary production, karaoke and entertainment.


SongXP - main features

Here is a list with some of the features you will find in SongXP:

  • Simple and intuitive interface (no previous musical, software or recording experience required)
  • Song entry based on simple text with lyrics and chords
  • Play and edit existing songs or create your own
  • Import, edit and play any songs you want
  • Import songs from various online sources
  • Display guitar tabs and piano fingerings for ecery possible chord (other instruments to add soon)
  • Display scale information for each chord to help with improvisations
  • Generate chord charts of your songs
  • A growing library of music styles and grooves that adjust to your song's chords and tempo
  • Style orchestrated by multiples instruments, bass line and one drum channel
  • Mute individual channel to hear only the channels you want
  • Song Editor with an incredible number of customizations on song and cell levels, styles, grooves, bars, etc
  • Transposition function (capo) for any key
  • Save your songs locally or in our community database with several levels of protection/privacy
  • Search for songs in our DB for multiple parameters
  • Keep your personal list of songs (playlist) and also create bookmarks
  • Add links to your songs to any external web page
  • Export your song as mid or mp3 audio files to share in you social media pages
  • Vibrant community, sharing tons of songs and styles
  • Backup, restore and export/share functionalities
  • Song Editor fully functional in offline mode
  • Background images can be defined for each song (or change randomly)
  • Responsive design, auto adjusted on portrait and landscape modes
  • Runs virtually in any device (desktop, tablet, mobile), OS (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS) and browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE9+, Safari), etc
  • ... and MUCH, much more!
But WAIT - did I mention the Karaoke module? Oh boy, you need to try that!

MidiXP - main features

Creating and editing Styles in MidiXP is extremely easy. You can create your own Styles and Grooves and publish them in our community database or keep them private for your own use.

MidiXP has powerful and easy web tools to analyze and manipulate all midi settings in a midi file.

If you have a high quality midi file you can create a MidiXP style in less than 30 minutes. Using the MidiXP online tools you can upload the midi file then, after defining all style and grooves settings, you can compile your new style and make it public and available to the SongXP community, or you can just keep it private, for your own use. Or if you want, you can share it with a single friend or a group of friends.

All registered users have access to the most basic functionalities of MidiXP. However, to have access to the Style Creator modules you will need proper permissions. Just send an email to our Artistic Team and you will have it FOR FREE.


Style Creator Program

If you are a professional or amateur musician, you can expose your work or even make some money producing and selling quality styles and grooves to our community.

With MidiXP you can create Style Libraries, in which you group styles of your own creation and release it (or not) to the SongXP community for free or as a paid package.

Please contact our Artistic Team for more details about this program.

And remember...

SongXP and MidiXP are live animals - they are constantly getting bigger and stronger with new functionalities.