SongbookXP/SongXP, is an auto-arranger for lyrics and chords, a system for music/song creation, song sketching, song preliminary production, karaoke and entertainment.

Extra Credits and Praises

SongXP / MidiXP

3rd party softwares and libraries

SongXP/MidiXP are free-for-use applications. Both apps are part of SongbookXP.

ALL following softwares, tools and libraries were used internally in SogbookXP. This means that our applications do not expose these softwares for direct use of external users.

No modifications were made to these softwares and they are not available for download, re-distribution or sale through SongbookXP, its applications, web site or web pages.

Nevertheless, we want to praise these softwares and their creators for making our applications possible in some way.

Thank you all for your precious and hard work.

Midi Class - PHP library to handle the core Midi data
(no license information was found in the web site)

fluidsynth - real-time SoundFont software synthesizer (Midi to WAV)
Released under the LGPL License v2

lame - file conversion (WAV to MP3)
Released under the LGPL License

ricekaraoke - file synchronization (MP3 and TXT)
Released under the GNU General Public License v3

soundmanager2.swf - MP3 data handler
Released under the BSD License

sndfonts - synthesized sound libraries
(several sources and license coverages)
  • 1mgm.sf2
  • 32MbGMStereo.sf2
  • Airfont_380_Final.sf2
  • Arachno_SoundFont_v1.0.sf2
  • Aspirin_160_GMGS.sf2
  • Aspirin_2014_GMGS.sf2
  • Bennetng_GS_v2-1.sf2
  • Chaos_V20.sf2
  • ChoriumRevA.sf2
  • FluidR3_GM2_2.sf2
  • GeneralUserGS.sf2 (thanks S. Christian Collins)
  • GMGSx.sf2
  • GMR_Basico_1.1.sf2
  • GS.sf2
  • JClive21.sf2
  • Jnsgm2.sf2
  • Masterpiece.sf2
  • merlin_gold.sf2
  • merlin_vienna.sf2
  • MT32_GS_2_51.sf2
  • MT32_v2_51_16_5mg_gm_gs_bank.sf2
  • OPL_3_FM_128M.sf2
  • Roland_SC_55.sf2
  • SGM-V2.01.sf2
  • SONiVOX_GS250.sf2
  • SoundBlaster_AWE32_AWE64_ROM_gm.sf2
  • Timbres_Of_Heaven_GM_GS_XG_SFX_v2.0.2.sf2
  • Timbres_Of_Heaven_GM_GS_XG_SFX_v2.0.2.txt
  • TimGM6mb.sf2
  • WeedsGM3.sf2
  • Yamaha_XG_Sound_Set.sf2

SWFObject v2.2 - we DO NOT use the '.swf' file, only the '.js' ... Released under the MIT License player.swf - MP3 file player . - for PDF files??? (page 87) Other: . jQuery - free for commercial use . UASparser - PHP User Agent String Parser . libmp3lame - codec for MP3 file generation . ABC / ABCjs.js - to generate song scores . SOX - for audio files mixing (from: songxp_dev_notes.txt)