SongbookXP/SongXP, is an auto-arranger for lyrics and chords, a system for music/song creation, song sketching, song preliminary production, karaoke and entertainment.

Turn lyrics and chords of any song into real
audio and play Karaoke with your friends

SongXP is a cool tool that allows you to enter simple lyrics and chords of
songs - your own or any song downloaded from tons of websites on the
internet - and it will create awesome arrangements for you.

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Recording home studio -

Take full control of your creativity

SongXP can generate music from your lyrics, chords and beat. Choose among a growing library of styles and grooves, customize every detail on bars, chords or even a single beat then save the results on your local device or our database, where you can define the way (level) you want to share your song with our growing community of users. Convert songs into MP3, which you can freely download. All this - and much more - for FREE, you don't have to pay a single penny to use all functionalities of SongXP.

Karaoke -

Guaranteed fun time for everyone

Play songs in a Karaoke session to have fun with your friends in your home, party, bar, restaurant, church, wherever you want. If you are a music lover or just want to have some fun time alone or with your friends, SongXP does not require any previous or special knowledge or experience with musical software to get into the mood. You will not have to learn anything because SongXP was created to be simple and intuitive. SongXP offers you a growing library of songs already produced, which you can just play along with or even re-produce entirely, by changing styles, grooves, basically re-creating the song as you like it.

Band playing -

Expose your work and your abilities

If you are a professional musician, SongXP can be a very cool tool to sketch your song ideas, for preliminary music production or to just take notes of your ideas when you are on the road, all at the tip of your finger. We do not have any pretension of being a musical studio, professional arranger, or anything like that, because we know that there is not a single software or hardware that can replace the feeling, ability and virtuosity of a real musician. But we want to partnership with you, offering a cool, fun, powerful and easy to work tool to replace your draft book, with several advantages. And you can use it to expose your work or even to make money producing and selling quality styles and grooves to our community.

SongXP is totally free for life - give it a try!

You will not regret it, on the contrary, you will find yourself caught by it.

  • Very easy to use

    Anyone can have fun with SongXP - you don't have to be a professional to use it. SongXP just needs the lyrics, chords and beats of a song to provide you a fun or productive time. However, if you are a musician (amateur or professional), SongXP, combined with its brother MidiXP, will give you wings to fly.

  • Professional Styles and Grooves

    SongXP has a growing library of Songs (chords and lyrics), Styles and Grooves encoded and created by SXP musicians and also by users in the community. Anyways, if you do not find one that fits your needs, you can create it by yourself.

  • Privacy Safe

    SongXP is Privacy Friendly - it does not collect any personal or sensitive information from or about you. However, you do have your personal account so songs you may create in our system may or not be shared with our community, in a levels of access you define.

  • Responsive Design

    SongXP adjusts itself to your device type (desktop or mobile), operating system (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS), browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari), orientation mode (landscape, portrait). All for your comfort and efficiency.

  • Constant evolution

    SongXP is a system in a continuous evolution and upgrade. We have an extensive list of new cool features to be implemented and to increase its functionalities.

  • Looking into the future

    The current system version was created to attend a multitude of technical scenarios - including OLD browsers - and that prevented us from using modern technologies. But the Version 2 - already in development - will give you a totally redesigned interface, for all modern browsers and devices.

SongXP - Be an eXPert

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